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What is their mobile number?
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If there is a restriction on leaving site, can you tell us what time movements can start?
Some of our vehicles are very large: please tell us about any obstructions we might need to think about together
What sort of ground do we need to drive over? *
Please tick all that apply if there are several types of surfaces. This is really important info, as some of our stages are heavy. We may need to bring rolling roads to avoid problems on slippery and soft surfaces.
Is the ground level or sloping?
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We run on silent clean solar battery power for 7 hours - guaranteed! If the event is over 8 hours long, or if you would like backup power as well, is there mains power within ten metres of the stage? *
Is there a toilet, tap water and a hand basin within a 5 minute walk of the stage? *
When the crew gotta go, they gotta go! A loo near the stage keeps our focus on the acts, not on crossing our legs...
Do you need to hire a generator from us?
This would only be needed if you need the stage to run for more than 7 hours on a site with no other power OR if you need to power catering vans OR anything that requires heat such as urns or kettles for performers' refreshments.
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Are there any noise restrictions?
We don't want to offend the neighbours. Some authorities impose decibel limits or agree times when noise must not be created. We are always pleased to keep to the rules and run a considerate event.
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Will one hot meal per day be provided for crew? *
A sound engineer who has been fed is a happy sound engineer...
Will you bring recorded media?
It is vitally important that all recorded music comes on two different media if brought on the day in case of data loss
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Do you need a Front of House sound mixing position?
This is standard with Truck Gold and Bus Gold. Otherwise we will mix from an iPad using stage wifi systems standing in the crowd. This is a great way to make sure that the engineer can experience exactly what the audience is hearing from several different places.
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If a Front of House position is needed, where will it go?
Please tell us as much as you can about where the trailer containing the mixing desk will park
What else should we know?
Tell us what really matters most to you about the event; so we can focus on meeting your needs
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