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The Self Esteem Doctor is a leader in using NLP inspired techniques to cultivate self-esteem in kids, teens and adults. The division of The Self Esteem Doctor that focuses on online classes, courses and lessons is called The Self Esteem Doctor Academy. This Affiliate program form is specifically designed to issue commissions for ONE (1) course within the academy, called the Easy Self Esteem Builder for Kids (Segment One). In this course, videos, demos, games and additional resources are provided to help students and families practice the mindset needed for healthy self-esteem, positive attitude and improved behaviors. The goal is to work together with affiliates, who act as connectors to help spread these resources to children and families who need them, in an initiative called: "We're In This Together."
After your acceptance into our program, you will have access to some creatives to help promote The Self Esteem Doctor's "Easy Self Esteem Builder for Kids (Segment One)." You are also welcome to create your own images, as long as they are appropriate and representative of our family friendly, positive image. When your reader/follower/client/referral/etc... clicks on the image/banner, a tracking cookie is placed on their device. When your reader/follower/client/referral/etc...makes a purchase, the sale is automatically recorded and your account is credited for a commission, which is payable though PayPal.

20% of the cost of The Easy Self Esteem Builder.  Commission and price of course are subject to change.  
Our affiliates are very important to us. We have created an affiliates program that we believe will generate great commissions for you. The Affiliate Terms and Conditions of Sale has been created to protect you as well as protect The Self Esteem Doctor, the academy and our intellectual property. Completing this form acknowledges that you have read and accepted the Terms and Conditions, here in it's current form and as updated in the future:

Please click the link to read terms and conditions in full and/or print for your records:

The Self Esteem Doctor can cancel your affiliate agreement anytime and affiliate can also terminate the affiliate relationship anytime.  
Must be 18 year old or older to apply.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can be reached at:
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Please describe your audience or relationships that you feel will benefit from the Easy Self Esteem Builder (Segment One). This helps us to know if we are compatible for an affiliate relationship. (Example: I own a business that works with families, I lead a community organization for kids, I am in charge of kids programs at my job, I know a lot of families and I'd like to refer them, I have a podcast for moms, I have a blog with tips and resources for parents. etc...) *
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Would you like to have access to earning commission on ALL courses within the academy? By checking "Yes" you acknowledge that all of the terms, rules and information you've agreed to for the Easy Self Esteem Builder Course will now be applied, to multiple courses available within our our discretion.  *
I understand that typing my name below indicates that I am 18 years old or older.  Typing my name also serves as my electronic signature agreeing to the terms and details of this application. I have read and agreed entirely to ALL sections including THE ABOUT, HOW DOES IT WORK, NOTE & ALL 15 sections of THE AFFILIATE AGREEMENT Terms and Conditions as detailed and linked in this form. (Sign your First and Last name, please) *
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