Business and Organisation Survey for Resident Parking Permit Scheme
Before filling in this survey please carefully read through the information at

Please answer every question. If you have any issues filling in this survey, please contact my office on 3403 2165 or email

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Please note: I will do my best to represent everyone’s parking needs when making requests to the council, however when the needs of different businesses and residents are in conflict we will have to strike a balance, which may mean that not everyone gets exactly what they ask for.
Business/Organisation Name *
Full name of owner/manager *
Street Address (No., Street Name, Suburb) *
Phone Number *
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How many off-street car parks do you have for staff and volunteers? *
How many off-street car parks do you have for customers/service users? *
Do you generally support the introduction of a parking scheme in the southern half of 4101 that reduces the amount of Unlimited Parking and increases the amount of shorter-term parking? *
If we have to make a choice, do you prefer converting some of the unlimited parking on your street to 2P (maximum 2 hours) or to 4P (maximum 4 hours)?
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During weekdays, on average, roughly how many customers/service users per day drive to your business/organisation? *
On weekdays, how many courier or delivery vehicles per day drive to your business/organisation? *
Do you believe that parking rules should also be changed on weekends, or only weekdays? *
If the Resident Parking Permit Scheme is introduced in your business/organisation’s street, what additional parking changes around your organisation and business would you like to see happen?
Please include the specific type of parking (unlimited parking; 4P, 1P, ½P & ¼P signed parking spaces or loading zones), how many spaces, the preferred location of these spaces and the intended purpose.

For example: "4 x 4P signed parking spaces on the even-numbered side of Ferry Road because my restaurant customers usually stay for more than 2 hours."
Please provide a brief description of the changes you hope to see... *
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