Touch&Play AVL: Grassroots 2019 Registration
This event will be capped at 40 participants. Registration will be first come, first serve. Your registration is confirmed only after we have received this completed application form, your $250 registration fee payment, and you have received a confirmation email.
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Registration Payment
The registration fee for this event is $250.

Be aware that your spot is not reserved until we receive this $250 payment and your completed registration form.

If you are paying for someone else's fees, please make sure that they know they must fill out their own registration form for their spot to be reserved. Ask them to mention who has paid their fees in the notes

(Refund policy: 90% refund before Aug 1st, no refunds after August 1st, ticket transfers allowed)
Accommodations and Payment Options
We will do our best, but cannot guarantee, to provide you with your top choice of accommodation. Accommodations will be given first come, first serve, and will only be reserved upon receiving accommodation payment. If the accommodation you have chosen is already filled we will let you know and reimburse you the difference.

For indoor lodging there are beds as well as mats available. Beds will be given first come first serve. Leave a note if you have special considerations/needs around this.

Double beds and their prices can be shared. If you are choosing this option, please make sure you have clear plans with your bed mate and let us know who you are sharing with and who is paying for the bed in the accommodations notes.

Accommodation Options *
Bedding Options *
Accommodation Notes
If you are planning to share a double bed, please have clear and explicit plans with whomever you are sharing the bed.
If you are choosing a double bed, are you planning to share your bed with someone else?
If so, who is your bed mate, and who is purchasing the bed (one person paying the full amount, both paying half the amount...)?
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Other Accommodation Notes?
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Diversity Scholarship Donation
We would be grateful for any additional amount you can pledge to support our efforts to assist POC, LGBT and differently abled participants to attend. (Write in pledge amount below and add this amount to your total with a note "plus diversity donation" in your Paypal or check payment). Thank you!!!
How much are you donating to the diversity fund?
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Childcare is provided for the duration of the festival at a space within the Earthaven Village. Childcare will be 24hr with overnight care as an option, and includes meals for the child (though we encourage parents to provide extra snacks). Parents are responsible for checking-in with the childcare provider as needed, and for being available if they are needed in case their child is behaving in such a way that care cannot be provided for other children and/or the child needs support from their parent(s).

The price is per-child. We will be in touch with further details for those choosing childcare.

For more information about childcare contact us via
Payment Total
Please add together your $250 Registration fee, the amount for your accommodations payment, diversity fund donation, and write the total amount below. Please use a number value. If you have a scholarship or special financial arrangement please put the amount you have arranged. If other arrangements are needed please leave a short note. *
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Payment Method
Be aware that your spot is not reserved until we receive at least your $250 registration fee. We expect the festival to be full with a waiting list so don't delay :)
How will you be paying for the above amount?
Diversity Scholarship Application
Are you applying for a Diversity Scholarship?
If so, please complete this registration form and also fill out the Diversity Scholarship Application form here: For more info or questions email:
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Work Trade
There are a limited number of work-trade positions available for the festival. Here is a list of descriptions:
Are you applying for work trade?
If so, please complete this registration form and then additionally fill out the Work-study request form here: For more info or work-study questions email:
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We want to co-create this event with you! This event is a "grassroots" Touch&Play model, meaning we are providing a more affordable price and inviting more collective contributions of activity offerings, facilitation and labor from the participants.

We are encouraging participants to submit proposals for event offerings. We invite proposals for classes, group activities, collaborations and experiences that bring to life the themes valued by the T&P community. What would you like to see happen? Sky is the limit... how often are you going to be at a retreat center in the woods with 40 T&P'ers? Let your fabulous fantasy imagination run wild!

A few of the modalities, practices, & subjects which this event is inspired by and which we encourage (but not limit) you to consider including in your proposal: art-making, nature connection, NVC (Non-Violent Communication), Tantra, breathwork, racial equity, power & resistance play, community building, The Work (Byron Katie), role-play, BDSM, conscious kink, somatic mindfulness, Authentic Movement, ritual, vocal embodiment, conflict transformation, Queer & Gender studies, spirituality, Contact Improv, social justice, consent and boundary play, etc.

Our goals for this event and it's offerings include:
Building a diverse community with embodied, emotional, and erotic intelligence
Deepening our culture of consent and accountability
Finding greater freedom & deeper connections
Creating permission to explore physical & emotional edges while simultaneously defining healthy boundaries.
Bringing these communication tools into our creative art and performance making processes..

We invite you to propose an offering that would make life more wonderful!

We recommend taking a look at the websites from the previous years to see what classes have been offered:

2018 Touch & Play Asheville: Fertile Ground:
2016 Touch & Play: Embodying An Intimate Language – Earthdance, Plainfield, MA:
2017 Touch & Play: Unveiling – Earthdance, Plainfield, MA
2018 Touch & Play: Truth or Dare-– Earthdance, Plainfield, MA:

We have a curation team who will be reviewing and weaving together selected proposals to create a delicious journey maximizing wonderfulness and prioritizing a spacious schedule with ample time for transitions and integration. Thank you for submitting!
If we are interested in your offering and/or facilitation we'll be in touch.
If you want to submit an offering proposal, please share an offering description here:
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Volunteer Contribution
Organizing an event of this scale involves significant logistics and work. In order to make it financially and energetically sustainable, all participants will collaborate on various work during the event (mostly cooking/cleaning) through volunteer shifts.
For this "grassroots" festival model, we have prioritized a lower event registration price in exchange for more participant labor contribution.

Volunteer Shifts
We ask that everyone contributes volunteer shifts over the duration of the festival. We will be dividing up the labor needed between all participants.

The volunteers shift options will consist of:
*meal setup and/or cleanup
*meal prep + cooking (in the kitchen)
*event/space setup or cleanup
*site maintenance/support

Closing + Tidying
In order to make sure no-one has left any items, and ensure that the spaces are ready to return to their regularly scheduled use, we are requiring ALL participants to participate in cleanup at the end of the festival. This will be the last thing we all do together before departing. We will complete this process by 5pm on Monday, Sept 2nd. Please plan your departure (carpools, flights, etc) to happen AFTER this time.
Please don't be that person that says "I have to leave early to catch a flight."
Would you be interested and available to do event set up as part of your volunteer hours? (this would mean being available Thursday and/or Friday Aug. 29-30)
Do you have experience cooking for more than 20 people?
Would you consider being a meal team lead for one or more meals?
Collective Well Being
Dietary Needs *
Allergies we should know about
Your answer
During Event - Inclusivity and Witnessing Team. The purpose of this Team is to be available to support inclusivity and to witness things that have historically been blind spots in the community so that more people experience being visible. Duties and tasks include: attend orientation meeting (exact time TBD, week of event) with team members. Collaborating with Team and organizers to introduce the I & W team and the vision of Inclusivity for T&P at the event opening, collaborating with organizers to organizing an Inclusivity focused activity or activities to support visibility and belonging at the event. Create a post-event harvest report
Soothe & Care Team. Do you have listening/support skills in crisis intervention and if so, are interested in being on the Soothe & Care team (a safety & respect support team). There will be an online pre-festival meeting. Folks will need to arrive by 5pm on Friday August 30th for an orientation meeting and be open to being available during the festival. If you are on this team and get asked for support during the festival, you can always reserve the right to say "not now" and refer to another volunteer or set another time to listen.
Emergency Support List - Opt-in BELOW - Please let us know if you are a medical doctor/counselor/therapist or crisis intervention specialist and don't mind having your name on a list that only the organizers would have access to in cases of an emergency.
Our festival does not discriminate on the basis of race, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression. In order to track the effectiveness of our diversity outreach and ensure we consider the needs of all our participants, please consider answering the three following optional questions (answers will be held in strict confidentiality):
What is your gender identity?: (Optional - select all that apply)
What is your Sexual Orientation?: (Optional - select all that apply)
What is your racial identity?: (Optional - select all that apply)
Are there any other identities that feel important for you to share? (cultural, relationship lifestyle, queer, pronouns, etc...)
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My main practices
Anything else you want us to know?
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Registration is NOT complete until your rights and responsibilities liability waiver has been completed for this T&P event. READ and SIGN HERE: *
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