CHS House Identity
One of the main issues that the Senior Pupil Leadership Team (SPLT) at Clydebank High School were asked to work on this year is house identity. Here, after coming up with some short term solutions, we thought it would benefit pupils in coming years if we were to rebrand the houses with a fresh system. After positive reactions from the Senior Management Team (SMT), we have decided to conduct some research into other peoples views before making our final proposal. This includes the pupils of CHS, parents and carers, as well as the wider community.
Did you go to Clydebank High School?
Do you believe the current houses are a part of the schools history?
Do you believe that the current house names are part of the schools history?
Would you say that the current house names are of an appropriate and relevant theme?
Would you be against the current house system and names changing?
If so, why?
Your answer
Would a rebranding of the houses benefit the pupils?
If so, explain how you think a rebranding would benefit them
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Please leave any additional comments about your feelings towards the proposal
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