Level 5.1
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1. She _____ here next Tuesday.
2. He'll be there _____ six hours
3. What will they _____ about?
4. _____ I put it in a bag? Yes, please.
5. My father wanted _____ to be a teacher.
6. This dinner looks _____
7. This question is _____ difficult for them to answer
8. I couldn't come because I _____ go to work.
9. How long have you _____ able to drive?
10. I'd like to buy one, but I do not have _____ money
11. Are you coming _____ the excursion today?
12. He speaks English _____ than her
13. A: "Hello, my name is John." B: "_____ to meet you".
14. A: 'How _____ is she?' B: 'Twenty-three'
15. Why does he want _____ there?
16. She's a good student. She's _____ learnt a lot of English
17. You wait for a train on the _____.
18. Could you _____ me the code for Cambridge.
19. I _____ like a toothbrush, please.
20. She's going to do it! She's doing it. She's _____ it!
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