2022 Summer STEM Video Contest!
STEM@SVSU is partnering with MiSTEM East Central Michigan Region again this year in a Summer STEM Video Contest! The contest is open to all K-12 students and teachers in the Great Lakes Bay Region. It’s easy - just submit your information in this Google Form and send your video to STEM@svsu.edu between now and June 30th. If you are under 18 years of age, be sure to have your parent/guardian fill out the form with you. At least one video will be highlighted each week throughout the summer. In your video, be sure to introduce yourself (first name only and grade level or school name). If your video is chosen, you will win an awesome STEM kit, delivered directly to your house!

Videos should:
- Show you completing a STEM Activity at Home
- Be sent as MP4 or .MOV files to STEM@svsu.edu (please do not share a google file)
- Be approximately 1 to 3 minutes long

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1. Release, Indemnification & Assumption of Risk.
In consideration for Participant being allowed to participate in certain programs and activities of Saginaw Valley State University (“SVSU”) which, depending on the program, may include use of SVSU’s facilities and equipment or travel off-campus, I agree on behalf of myself and/or the minor Participant (if applicable), and any next of kin, heirs, executors, personal representatives, successors and assigns as follows:
a. ASSUME ALL RISK, with the full understanding and acknowledgment that there are risks in any activity and that participation in such activities and/or use of such equipment may result in injury or illness or damage to personal property. The Participant takes full responsibility for any bodily injury, death or property damage that may result from such participation.
b. EXEMPT, RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT NOT TO SUE SVSU and its trustees, officers, agents, employees and volunteers (including, without limitation, its students working as event staff) and other Participants from any and all claims or causes of action whatsoever for injury to the person or property of Participant, including death, arising out of, or which may result from the above-named individual attending this program, including any claims or causes of action resulting from the negligence of any person(s) involved in the program, but not including any intentional misconduct committed by any such person(s).
c. INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS SVSU and its trustees, officers, agents, employees and volunteers (including, without limitation, its students working as event staff) from and against any and all liabilities, injuries, losses, expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees) and/or other damages, incurred by any of them as a result of any claims or causes of action brought against them by or in the right of the above-named individual, or due to any injury to persons or property caused by said individual, arising out of, or in any way resulting from the above-named individual’s attendance at the program listed above.

2. Miscellaneous.
Participant further agrees that this Release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by law and that if any portion is held invalid, it is agreed that the balance of the Release shall continue in full force and effect. This Release shall be governed by Michigan law.
Any Participant artwork, writings or other similar creations may be used or published by SVSU with the Participant’s name, voice, and biographical information in connection with such recordings/publishing. *
Personal images of Participants captured during the program through video, photo, voice recording and digital cameras, may be used solely for the promotional purposes of SVSU on websites, brochures and other publications and advertisements. The Participant waives any rights of compensation or ownership thereto. PLEASE NOTE: No names will be used. *
Waiver and Release from Liability
I have read and agree with all of the above and that this agreement shall be binding on my heirs, successors, assigns, administrators or executors.

If the Participant is under 18 years of age, as of today's date, a parent or guardian must additionally agree as follows:

I, signified by my signature below, am the parent or legal guardian of the minor Participant and I affirm that I am acting in such capacity. I have read and voluntarily agree to the terms of the release agreement above for both myself and the referenced Participant minor.

I have read and agree with all of the above and that this agreement shall be binding on my and/or the minor Participant's heirs, successors, assigns, administrators or executors.
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