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Facebook account holders will be sent an invitation to join our group within 2-3 days of receiving parent response.
Twitter users will be required to 'Request to follow' our account with accounts activated within 2-3 days.
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ABA Social Media Use Community Guidelines
The social media site administrators will remove any posts or comments that don’t abide by the following guidelines. Offenders may be blocked from posting in the future ensuring all comments and posts are in line with the values of ABA.

• Offensive, discriminatory or threatening language will be removed
• Defamatory language against our staff, parents or other site users will be removed
• No spam, commercial promotions or unsolicited advertising
• Links to third party websites may be removed at the discretion of the school group administrators
• Posts referring to students, teachers, staff or parents by name may be removed at the discretion of group administrators
• Posted material must abide by all trademark or copyright laws or other laws
• Comments should be relevant to the post or topic
• Comments or postings should display respect and sensitivity to our community's cultural and religious values
• At all times, please comply with the terms and policies of Facebook and Twitter

ABA School claims no liability in any way connected to the use of or access to the page.
Information individuals share with the community on or through the Facebook or Twitter platform, including (but not limited to) comments and wall posts, may be re-posted on or through the Facebook or Twitter platform by the site administrators.

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