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We will prepare a tailor-made Genealogy Tour offer for you with a great pleasure! We just need some information from you.

Preparation of your itinerary is free of charge. All costs will apply to the services in Poland which we will provide, such as: research, guiding, interpreting, accommodation and services to make the Tour your lifetime experience!

You will receive the price of the Tour and all of the details prior to your arrival in Poland. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you wish to receive tailor-made PO Genealogy Tour offer, please fill in the form.
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The shortest tours we organize last 3 days. If you are our returning client or if you want to combine the Genealogy Tour with any other tour organized by PolishOrigins then the genealogy part may be shorter than 3 days.
Planned arrival and departure cities.
Planned cities to start/end your tour.
Please tell us what are your ancestors places you would like to visit and research.
You can also give us the surnames and date frames you are interested in. This will help us to determine in which archives (and where) the records might be.
Apart from genealogy, do you wish to include also the tourist part? If yes, please tell us more about your wishes.
(i.e. specific towns, tourist attractions, historical, cultural, nature trips,  etc.)
What is your preferred accommodation standard?
In general, we recommend staying in the so-called Agro-tourisms and small BB’s nearby the areas you are visiting. This way you are close to your ancestors places and you can observe how people live there now. Regarding hotels, we always try to cooperate with local brands and boutique hotels, rather than large, international chains.
What is your preferred transportation during the tour?
Do you have any health problems you want to tell us about?
Any special treatment, medications you might need, any allergies, problems with walking up- or downstairs?
If you already have a plan or even a raw sketch of your itinerary please share it with us here. We will analyze it and try to adapt our proposal to your expectations.
If you don't have such a plan in your mind yet we are here to prepare it for you based on all the information you shared with us and our many years' experience.
Your other wishes and remarks concerning the tour
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