Cottontails Dance Courses (Fall)
Come and learn the most happiest Swing dances with us! 🕺💃 We are starting Lindy Hop, Balboa and Solo jazz/Charleston dance courses for both complete beginners and upper levels.

💥 Free Lindy Hop Taster class: Come and try this beautiful dance yourself. 
Date/Time:  ThursdaySeptember 8th, 17:30 
Location: Danckert Krohn Center

 👉 Course Information:

1️⃣ Lindy Hop (Beginner): 10 weeks of new beginner course for you who wants to learn the basics of Lindy Hop.  Every Thursday between 19.30 and 20:30 starting from September, 15th @Danckert Krohn Center

2️⃣Lindy Hop (Intermediate): 10 weeks of continuation course from the last semester. First 5 weeks will be about learning new moves, and during the last 5 weeks we will be working on a choreography which will enable you to use all the moves you learned and also adding new ones! Every Thursday between 18.15 and 19:15 starting from September, 15th @Danckert Krohn Center

3️⃣Balboa (Beginner):  8 weeks of new beginner course for you who wants to learn the basics of balboa dance. Every Wednesday between 18.30 and 19.30, starting from September, 21th @Gnisten Laksevåg 

4️⃣Balboa (Intermediate)
:  8 weeks  of continuation course from the last semester. This is also suitable if you have some experience with Balboa basics; up hold, down hold, come around, out and ins.. This class will be adapted to the level of participants and follower/leader balance.  Every Wednesday between 20.00 and 21.00, starting from September, 21th @Gnisten Laksevåg 

5️⃣ Solo Jazz/Charleston (Open level):  10 weeks of Solo Jazz for you who wants to learn the basics of classic Charleston dance and vernacular jazz and may be have had some previous experience with us or another dance club. We will learn and practice some easy routines that we eventually plan to perform at different social events. No partner needed, you are all by yourself here! Every Tuesday between 19.00 and 20:00 starting from September, 13th @Ulriken Bydelssenter 

👉 Semester fee:
1 course (one dance style, per person): 800 Kr
2 courses (two dance styles, per person): 1000 Kr
3 courses (three dance styles, per person): 1100 Kr

📌 Drop in fee: 150 kr per lesson

⚠️ We offer a 20% discount per person, for students or for those who register as a couple. (Maximum total discount is 20%).

💰🗓️ To make sure that we have enough applicants with the balance of the leaders and followers, we first collect the applications with this form. After we have enough applications for the course, we will send you an email with the payment information. After the completion of the payment, we will confirm your registration.

💥Every Thursday , there will be practice/social time for both Lindy Hop and Balboa between 20.30 till 22.00, you can practice what you learned and meet other dancers. We are also planning additional workshops for Blues, Shag and Lindy Hop!

*Cottontails is a dance club dedicated to the dances of the Swing era: Lindy Hop, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Charleston, Blues and Shag.
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