Travelin' Taps Client Survey
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Client Information
Client Name
Client Phone Number
Client Address
Client Email Address
How did you hear about us?
(Please be as specific as possible.)
Event Information
Event Date
Event Type (e.g., wedding, corporate party, birthday party)
Event Location
Approximately how many guests do you expect to attend your event?
Where on the property will rental items be located?
(Please be sure to specify whether list location is indoors or outdoors.)
Event Start Time
Event End Time
What time would you like Travelin' Taps to set up the rental equipment?
What time would you like Travelin' Taps to break down the equipment?
Venue Details
Please indicate to the best of your ability the specific location where the tapping equipment will be set up -- noting any obstacles or obstructions between the parking area and set up area (e.g., stairs, rocky pathways, beach dunes)
Does the event location have a water source (i.e. hose adjacent to building) available to Travelin' Taps?
Is 120V power available at the location?
If not included in your rental package, will there be a bar top, folding table, or other table available at the facility to house the rental equipment?
Will your beverages be self-serve or poured by a bartender?
(Travelin' Taps does not serve alcoholic beverages.)
How many kegs will you be purchasing for your event?
How many of the kegs would you like to be tapped at the same time?
What types of kegs (brand of alcohol and size of keg) will you be purchasing?
(This information is necessary to ensure that we provide the correct couplers.)
If you have an event coordinator or another representative that will be meeting with vendors on the day of the event, please provide his/her name and contact information below.
Rental Needs
*This information can be changed at a later time if you change your mind.
Which of the following pieces of equipment are you considering?
(Check all that apply.)
Do you need Travelin' Taps to assist you with picking up your kegs? If so, how many?
(A set fee will be charged for up to five kegs.)
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