Orlando ACS National Meeting: March 31-April 4 2019
You received this survey because you are a member of the Orlando ACS local section. This form will assist us to identify volunteers for the ACS National Meeting and to assemble information to promote the chemistry done in our region. Please refer to the email you received for more details on the request or visit the Orlando ACS local section web page.  Your support is indispensable to enable us to adequately represent employment opportunities and show that chemists can pursue a satisfying career in our region. Retirees can also participate: just provide information that illustrates opportunities work still available in our region.
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Section 1- Call for Volunteers & Opportunity to Promote your Work
This section aims to gauge the level on interest in supporting our effort at the upcoming conference.
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3) Would you like to volunteer to staff the Local Host Booth? (Orient out-of-town attendees)
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4) Would you like to volunteer to staff the Local Section Booth in the exposition hall? (Represent Orlando ACS Section/advocate for the region)
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Help us show students and out-of-state conference attendees they can have a fulfilling career in our area.
We will do this by posting vignettes prepared with your answers promoting local chemical companies, companies that hire chemists, academic institutions, chemical researchers, and testimonials from you illustrating what chemists do in the region. You will be asked to review the vignette prepared based on the information you provided before it is posted into the booth, if selected.
5) Would you help us write a vignette for our booth about your work, your company or institution promoting the chemistry done in the area?
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