SYN Access Scholarships

This is a program to help support those that feel that their community are underrepresented in the Australian media, or find that there is a barrier to entry for them to participate. Accordingly, SYN will review all applications based off of the answers to the questions below and may be in touch to discuss your responses prior to accepting your application.

A SYN scholarship entitles you to free training in media production through the SYN Induction course and a free SYN membership for one year.

This is a limited project and SYN will get back to applicants within 4 weeks of applying. SYN is a youth based organisation and accordingly this program is only open to those who are under 26 years of age.

Location: 16 Cardigan Street, Carlton

*****This form needs to be filled out for each individual seeking a scholarship*****

If you have any other questions contact 03 9034 1960 or

**SYN reserves the right to not disclose why a person may or may not be accepted into the program**
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