This member request form (MRF) shall be used for Fiscal Year 2021-2022. The certificate that will be issued will have value ending June 30, 2022.

An automatic copy posted in google spreadsheet is captured once submitted.

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This shall be numeric maximum of 6 digit
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Please click on the calendar icon always.  This refers to the date when your PRC Number was issued.
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Chapter Affiliation *
By-Laws Article V, Section 7 : A CPA shall be a member of the Chapter of the province or city where his residence or place of business is located.
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Membership Type
By-Laws Article V, Section 8 " Classification of members" : Membership with Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants shall be classified  into active, sustaining life, honorary life and honorary and associate.  

1. Member in Good Standing ( Regular Member Art. V. Sec. 12: An active member whose accounts with the Institute are current and membership dues are fully paid.)

2.Sustaining Life Member (Art. V. Sec. 10: An active member who pays an amount determined by the National Board of Directors who shall have the rights, privileges' and responsibilities of an active member, except the payment of the annual dues.)

3. Honorary Life Member (Art. V. Sec. 11: An active member of PICPA for a period not less than twenty (20) years and who has significantly contributed to the advancement of accounting profession, who is granted honorary life membership upon the recommendation of the Committee of Awards and the unanimous approval of the members of the National Director.)
Membership Type *
Certificate of Membership in Good Standing (eCMGS)
The Certificate of Membership in Good Standing will be electronically transmitted to the member's email address. The email address should be the same registered in the PICPA Glueup Membership portal. The eCMGS is valid for the fiscal year issued. Any erasures or tampering will render the certificate invalid. PICPA assigns a QR code that embeds the information controlled by PICPA.

Type of Request you can request:
Generic Request  -  Issued  free on first request. On the second request, PICPA charges certification fee of Php112 . The purpose indicated is "whatever purpose it may serve".

Specific Request -  Issued for a fee of Php112.  This includes  initial/renewal BIR Accreditation, PRC BOA Accreditation;  ASEAN CPA Certficate,  Foreign Organization - CPA of Australia, New Zealand, Canada or other countries, and other special certificate for a specific purpose.

Membership Certificate - a diploma type of certificate issued during the Oathtaking
Purpose of the Certification requested *
If Specific eCMGS - state the  purpose to be indicated in the certificate
For CPA Australia or other Countries CPA accreditation will be processed manually
For CPA Australia or other Countries eCMGS request, state details of what will be included. Please send a copy of the request to Ded ED Sengco at info@picpa.com.ph
Mode of delivery for the  eCMGS
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Delivery or Mailing Address *
Request for printed copy in either specific or generic request or additional printed copy,  Member has to pay the printing and mailing fees of Php 280 and settle this through the PICPA National Office Payment Instructions below
PICPA National Office Quality Objectives -  commit to process the request if  member is active and registered in Glueup
*    Generic  eCMGS within five (5)  working days
*    Specific/ASEAN CPA  CMGS within seven (7) working days and with paid Certification fee

The PICPA NO processor will only process application for members based on the following guidelines:
1)  Member is in GlueUp as an ACTIVE (Member in Good Standing - MiGS) and for
*    Regular Members -  paid dues for FY2021-2022 and no arrears.
*    Provincial Members (excluding Metro Manila Region)  who paid through the Chapter shall request the Chapter to remit  in advance to PICPA National Office.  
*    Payment of membership dues should be posted in PICPA Glue Up
*    Sustaining Life Member/Honorary Life Member - lifetime member should be registered in GlueUp. For SLM/HLM not in GlueUp, you will receive an email on the process how to register.
2)  If Member is not in Glueup, please access  picpa.glueup.com
3)   Payment instructions for membership dues,  certification fee of Php112 (Specific requests) or additional copy and Mailing/ Delivery Fee of Php168,  Refer to the payment instructions  https://bit.ly/National_Office_Online_Payment
      Bank Name: Union Bank of the Philippines.
      Account Name: Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants, Inc.
      Account Number: 1008-4006-9691
5)  Email address  to be used should be the same primary email address used in GlueUp. Group request done through another persons shall only be processed if member is registered in Glueup.

Privacy Notice
PICPA values and respects your privacy and we are duty bound to protect the personal data and information that we may collect from you in the course of your digital transaction. PICPA is compliant to the provisions of the Republic Act No 10173 otherwise known as the Data Privacy Act of 2012.

By clicking YES below, you agree and consent  to PICPA's collection, use and processing  of my information in pursuit of its legitimate interest as a professional organization.
Privacy Notice Agreement - see Privacy Notice *
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