Fall 2019 ROCmusic Collaborative Application Form
ROCmusic has 3 levels of training (your student will be placed at a level appropriate for their development and experience):

Readiness Violin/Trumpet- Musicianship classes, craft activities, beginning group lessons on violin or trumpet.
Concertino- Beginning to Intermediate string-instrumental instruction, with small group lessons - violin/viola/cello/bass
Orchestra or Brass Band- Intermediate to Advanced group rehearsals, with solo lessons- violin/viola/cello/bass/all brass

Our program accepts students on a 'rolling-admission' basis and places applicants on our Waitlist for future contact -- Please keep in mind that every student must:
1. Apply
2. Attend Interview with a parent/guardian
3. Attend our New Family/Student orientation
4. Sign our contract
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ROCmusic offers string instrument (Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass) instruction during the school year in two City of Rochester Recreation Center locations: the Gantt R-Center (700 North Street), and the Edgerton R-Center (41 Backus Street). ROCmusic offers brass instruction (trumpet and trombone) at the Douglass R-Center (999 South Ave)***Combined Orchestra rehearsal and electives (drumming/choir/garageband) take place for string students on Wednesdays from 4-6pm at Gantt, transportation provided from Edgerton.
By typing your name you agree to the following statements: "I affirm my student’s City of Rochester residency, I am committed to a three days a week schedule and acknowledge my willingness to receive follow-up information and contact from ROCmusic Collaborative representatives." *
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