Ontario Alliance Against School Closures - Post Consolidation Experience Survey - Student Questions.
Questions for Students to answer. Email addresses are being collected to protect the integrity of the survey. All information is treated as private and confidential and will not be shared. Email addresses will be destroyed after results have been tabulated.
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1. What were your feelings at the time of your school's closure ( 3 = Neutral)
Very Happy
Regarding the previous question, check the items that contributed to your attitude
2. What were your thoughts / expectations about entering a new school? ( 3 = Neutral)
3. Did you find the move easy or difficult?
4. Do you feel that the move has affected your academics? ( 3 = Same)
Worsened Results
Improved Results
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5. How has the consolidation of the schools affected course selections for you? ( 3 = No Difference)
Options I want are no longer available
Much greater choice
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6. Has the school consolidation affected your involvement in extra-curricular activities? (3 = same)
No longer active
More involved now
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7. Has the school consolidation affected your friendships and social interactions at school? (3 = Unchanged)
Feel I am not fitting in
Have made new friends
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8. How do you feel about the size of the school? (3 = Neutral)
Over Crowded
Ideal Size
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9. How has travel-time to and from school affected you? (3 = unchanged)
Much longer
Shorter travel time
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10 a. Where do you eat your lunch?
10 b. If you have a cafeteria, how accessible is the cafeteria for lunchtime seating? ( 3 = Most can be seated)
Many forced to eat elsewhere
Everyone can be seated
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11. How has the number of portable classrooms been impacted with the consolidation? (3 same as previous school)
Many more portables
No portables used
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12 a. Did you feel that you needed mental health support following the closure of your school?
12 b. If you answered yes to the previous question, was mental health support available for you at the new school?
12 c. If you took advantage of mental health support, did you find it helpful?
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13. How would you describe your overall experience at your new school thus far compared to your old school. (3 = same)
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