Couple's VIP Weekend Retreat
Use this form *only* for the VIP retreat. This is not for counseling or weekly coaching sessions.
If you and your partner have never done any couples work together, this program will not be suitable for you at this stage. Please go back and see my other services for couples new to personal development work.

If you have done *some* couples development work together and are both fully committed and consenting to take on a weekend of this caliber, be sure to carefully complete this form to be considered for this advanced program.

Please note - This is retreat not suitable for couples experiencing mismatched desires or other struggles in the bedroom or relationship that may benefit from couples counseling first.

This form must be completed fully to be considered for working together in this capacity. This includes thoughtful and sensitive attention to your personal reflections, values and reasons why you want to do this work - now.
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Why are you interested in taking this program at this time? *
What other work have you done together as a couple in relationships / coaching / sexuality work? If you have never done any learning together as a couple in personal development, you will not be good candidates for this program. This is an advanced program that requires some relevant experience in couples / intimacy work. (If you are at beginner level, please see my couples coaching / counseling services and the online courses on my website first before taking this weekend retreat.) *
It is essential we are a good match and that you are ready for a program like this. I recognize you have options in choosing a professional to work with. To be sure we are well suited, describe what resonated about my work and why you have selected me. Include your goals, hopes and expectations. *
What hesitations do you have, if any, about taking this opportunity together at this time? How do you plan to manage these? What do you need from me to be sure this is going to be the right fit for you? *
Please check all before sending the form *
This is a rich embodied experiential weekend program. We are both over 21 and we both recognize this is a commitment we are willing to engage in. If we are a good fit, we have the means and resources to accommodate a weekend of this caliber. We understand a program like this requires time, finances and integration before, during and after. We are able to manage these requirements. *
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