I'm interested in being a mentor!
Interested in helping a student or a junior research who is looking to develop their skills in Games User Research? You've come to the right place.

The GUR-SIG has launched its Mentor Scheme. This is a scheme that brings together people already working in Games User Research with students or juniors, for advice and guidance. Mentoring is very rewarding, allows you to reflect upon and develop your own skills, helps the Games User Research community, and is great for personal development.

If you fill out this form, someone from the GUR-SIG Steering Committee will be in touch to discuss the scheme and help get you started with mentoring.
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What is your current role?
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Where are you currently employed?
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Where in the world are you based?
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How long have you been working in a GUR related field?
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Getting to know you...
We'd like to get an indication of the areas in which you'd be happy to speak to juniors and students about.

For each section, please indicate your level of interest in mentoring, and which specific domains you'd be comfortable discussing
GUR Methods
e.g. Session Moderation, Study design, Qualitative research methods, Quantitative research methods, Analytics, Stats, Data Visualisation, etc.
GUR Processes
e.g. Game Development Lifecycle, User Centred Design, Agile, Scrum, etc.
GUR Technology and Tools
e.g. Project Management software, Survey tools, Data Capturing Tools, Biometrics, etc.
GUR for specific platforms & genres
e.g. Console games, mobile games, PC Games, F2P, etc.
If yes, what platforms and genres would you be interested in giving mentorship regarding?
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Business and Personal skills
e.g. Career Growth, Embedding in teams, Presentation skills, Persuasion, Collaboration, Networking, Interviews, Job Search advice, etc.
GUR and Academia
e.g. Education, Research projects, Transitioning from academia to industry
Any other subjects you have an interest in mentoring regarding?
This is optional, but is free for you if you want to emphasise any special areas of interest.
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What's the best email address to contact you on? *
(this is for our reference, and will not be disclosed to students or juniors)
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