MCPL Fall 2020 Activity Bags
We had such a great time making activity bags for you all this summer that we've decided to continue doing so! Starting September 2020 children of all ages will be able to collect one themed bag a month. This number may seem low compared to our weekly bags but don't let that trouble you. These bags will packed with activities to last you all month long! Children ranging from birth to preschool will be able to collect storytime craft bags (because you guessed it, virtual storytimes are coming your way soon!) and children in grades k-6 will receive special themed STEAM bags, separated for grades k-3 and 4-6. We hope you're as excited as we are!

Update 9/21/20: Due to extraordinary demand and limited supply, new sign ups will unfortunately not receive September or October bags but can still collect November and December bags. Thank you!
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We have currently planned bags through at least December 2020. Which of the following bags would you like to collect for your child? (September and October Bag signups are full as of 9/21/20)
The activities in these bags may require some basic craft supplies such as glue/glue-sticks, tape, scissors, color pencils and/or crayons, and paintbrushes. Are these items that you have available or will be able to acquire?
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