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Pennysaver PSA's are SPACE AVAILABLE only and are never guaranteed to appear. If you use all capital letters in your PSA it will not be publishable. Submitting the form repeatedly with the same information will not result in multiple PSA's or increase the chance that your PSA will appear. All PSA's must be submitted by 5:00pm on the Thursday before Publication.
After you fill out this order request, we will contact you to go over details and availability before the order is completed. Submit the following information to send your request for a SPACE AVAILABLE ONLY Public Service Announcement. Please note that PSA's should be for non-profit organizations, clubs, and events that benefit the community. In order to ensure as many PSA's run as possible each week, we ask that you limit your entry to only the pertinent information. If you would like faster service please contact us at (386) 681-2200 or email us at Thank you.
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