Google Assistant Support for G Suite Calendar Users Beta Test Application
Thank you for your interest in participating in the Google Assistant with G Suite Calendar Beta program. When developing new products and features, Google often makes them available first through a Pre-General Availability program to help develop and test the product or feature and get feedback from users before making them available to all users.

To be eligible to participate in the Beta program, please note the following:

1. You must be a super admin of the G Suite domain specified in this form.
2. Participation is granted for a single domain per application.
3. Each domain must agree to the Pre-General Availability Program Addendum.

What is the Test Product?
By submitting this Pre-General Availability Test Application (the “Test Application”), you are enrolling your domain in a Pre-General Availability Program run by the G Suite team that enables use of the Google Assistant with the G Suite Calendar. This product experience will be supported on both Google Home devices and mobile devices using the Google Assistant and includes allowing you and others in your domain to use the Google Assistant to manage their G Suite Calendar, for example, permitting users to ask what is on their agenda or when their next meeting is with a specific person (collectively, the “Test Product”).

What controls need to be enabled?
In order for the Test Product to operate, you must enable the Web & App Activity in both the end user settings ( and admin console (, as well as enable the Search & Assistant control ( You should have also enabled, at some point, the Voice & Audio Activity control ( Please read the linked articles carefully before enabling these controls and confirm it’s appropriate within your domain to do so. Upon detection of the hotword, the Test Product may make audio recordings and you expressly consent and further agree to secure end users’ consents as necessary for such recordings. You represent that you have secured all necessary consents from end users for use of the Test Product.

Shared Devices or Devices Accessible by Others.
If your domain allows the use of shared devices, like a Google Home, or devices that might become available to others, these devices may allow guests and third parties to access the Google Assistant, including allowing these guests and third parties to use the Google Assistant to access data from your G Suite Calendar. End users can choose to turn off personal results ( for any shared device so that personal results, including Calendar data, cannot be accessed on that device. You expressly acknowledge and agree to inform end users to take appropriate steps to prevent this or similar types of access and/or not enable the Test Product on these devices.

Additional legal terms.
The Test Product, including G Suite Calendar’s integration with the Google Assistant, is in an early developmental stage and still being refined and, as a result, may not always work as intended. By submitting this Test Application, you acknowledge this and any associated risks. Your use and your end users’ use of the Test Product is governed by this Test Application and the Pre-General Availability Program Addendum (“PAPA”), and this Test Application is incorporated into and made part of the PAPA. In the event of a conflict between this Test Application and the PAPA, the G Suite ToS, or other agreement, this Test Application will govern.
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Would you be interested in participating in future Google Assistant with G Suite Calendar user studies?
Google will be conducting user research during the Beta program. If you decide to participate, we may send you surveys via email during the Beta program. We will not contact users about anything besides the surveys.
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If you haven't already, please fill out the form below and submit the agreement here: This Test Application is expressly incorporated into the Pre-General Availability Program Addendum.
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