Hey, Seattle neighbor! What's your housing story?
The Seattle Neighbors storytelling project wants to hear from you.

We’re sharing stories and photos that focus Seattle’s affordability conversations on what matters most: the people who live here. Your story will help us illustrate why people make the city great and why we need to encourage more homes of all shapes and sizes to give all kinds of people plenty of affordable options and keep prices from shooting out of our reach.

***We will follow up with you via email after you submit this form for a photo. Or send your photo directly to seattleneighborsproject@gmail.com. (Snap a selfie or have a friend take your / your family's photo in, around, or near your home or neighborhood!)

For more information about the project: www.seattleneighbors.org

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I agree to grant to Sightline Institute permission to share my photo for its Seattle Neighbors project on Seattle housing affordability. I agree that any or all of the material submitted may be used as part of this public project, in print and online, and further that such use shall be without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation. (We won’t share your personal information or last name, but we’d like to keep some information for our records so we can keep in touch with you about the project.) Thanks!
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