Weekly Meditation Sessions at CMU - Thursdays 6:30-7:30 PM, Mindfulness Room (West Wing)
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There are no prerequisites to attend the sessions. You can join anytime. You may join the mailing list by writing to rvap-cmu-meditation@googlegroups.com

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Meditation Technique 1 - Meditation on Consciousness
The aim of this technique is to feel the universal oneness and consciousness.

This practice starts with a deep rhythmic breathing exercise, followed by chanting of the mantra AUM. Then we imagine that our consciousness is expanded till it fills the entire universe. We imagine that the entire universe is filled with infinite peace, love and consciousness.

(This technique is based on the philosophy of Vedanta)

Meditation Technique 2 - One-pointed Meditation
The aim of this technique is to achieve control over the mind by learning to focus.

This practice starts with rhythmic breathing followed by an awareness exercise where we try to gather our scattered thoughts by developing awareness. Then we bring the mind to focus on an object of our choice in the region of the heart. We imagine that the object is filling our heart with infinite peace, love and bliss.

(This technique is based on the philosophy of Patanjali's Yoga)

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