Google Waterloo Community Space

Google Waterloo Community Space - Bookings

Thank you for your interest in Google Waterloo Community Space.

Vetting/prioritizing for Requests for Bookings for Local Non-Profits/Organizations with a focus in the following areas:
- STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Education
- Diversity
- Digital Skills training for non-profits, schools,..

Criteria for Bookings:
- Capacity of 100 people
- Availability of the space varies between Monday-Friday from 9:00-4:30
- We are able to accommodate one off meetings only at this time
- Financial transactions with regard to use of the Community Space are not permitted - the events hosted in the space should not charge a fee to the attendees, unless it is required for break even
- All hosts must provide the first and last name of all attendees to their Google host, 48 hours before the visit
- Parking is not available so the guest will need park nearby or take public transit

To apply, please fill out this form.

Please be aware Google receives a high volume of requests. We will make our best effort to get back to you in 2-4 weeks with an email to confirm or deny your request. We promise to do our best to accommodate you.

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