Braves for the Brave Tickets
We are excited to invite everyone out to this year's UGA Miracle Braves Game! Braves for the Brave 2018 will be Sunday, September 23rd at 1:35 PM against the Philadelphia Phillies. This will be a great chance to meet Miracle families, alumni, and other new committee members! It is going to be a great time as we root on the Braves in the last home game of the season.

Ticket price: $10 each
How to pay? Within 72 HOURS (3 days) of filling out this form on VENMO, CASH, or CHECK. Cash/Check can be dropped off to the GLO inside of a zip lock bag that contains a note in it reading "BRAVES TICKET - YOUR NAME"
Venmo: @ugamiracle with "BRAVES TICKET- YOUR NAME" in the description
Where to get my ticket? Come to the Greek Life Office or ask your Exec member to bring it to your meetings!

Where is the Greek Life Office? Bottom floor of Tate!
Can I come if I am not in Miracle? Of course! We are all FTK so invite your friends!
What if I do not pay within 72 hours? Your name will be taken off of the form and you can try again!

Want to commemorate a wonderful experience at the Braves for the Brave event??? Yes you would? Okay! Order a Braves for the Brave T-shirt through the Miracle website at...

Contact Sam Huffman (913-219-9701) or Jenna Coyne (847-707-6533) with any questions!

Braves for the Brave T-Shirt Design (This google form is for ordering tickets ONLY - we added the picture here so that you can see what the shirt will look like and decide if you want to order one)
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