World Beat Festival Cultural Exhibitor Survey
We know that COVID-19 has forced many groups and organizations to change the way they are operating. As we begin to plan for the 2021 World Beat Festival, we want to have a clear picture of where you are at right now. Everyone who completes this short survey helps us get a better understanding of the best way to move forward, so please take a few moments to do so.
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Have you resumed exhibiting? *
If you haven't resumed exhibiting in person yet, what needs to change before you do?
Are you planning on exhibiting anywhere in the next three months? *
If you answered "Yes" the above question, do you mind sharing where (optional )
As of right now, would you feel comfortable exhibiting at the 2021 World Beat Festival in June? If not, please explain, in the next question. *
If applicable, explain why you would feel uncomfortable exhibiting at the Festival (frequent interaction with high risk individuals, crowds, etc.)
Would you be interested in exhibiting online as part of a virtual Festival or event? *
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