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 Hey! Pixie Pods is looking for summer instructors that are GREAT with little ones under 7. Perfect for dance/music/gymnastics teachers, Pre-school teachers, etc. 
  • Must be experienced with teaching young kids!
  • Must be VERY energetic, animated, and bubbly!
  • Must have a performing arts background (dance, theater, music, etc.). 
  • Must be able to teach without using manipulation, shame, and fear techniques.
  • Must be okay with traveling to Brooklyn + Queens! 

About Us:
Pixie Pods is a Woman-owned, Black-owned mobile kids activity studio, proudly serving Brooklyn, Manhattan & Queens. Most of our classes are in Brooklyn. We offer Private Lessons, Private Pod, Daycare/Preschool classes, pop-up classes, and Birthday classes for ALL children under 7.  Our instructors travel to our clients! Learn more about us and our highly rated classes on our website: or instagram: @pixiepodskids.

Private Camps ($35 +/hour)
Public Camps ($18/hour)
Birthday Parties (Lead: $55/a class + tips assistant: $40/class + tips)
POD classes ($55/a class)
School Classes ($35/a class)

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Which are you interested in teaching?  *
Which days + times would you regularly be available to teach? 
Which Locations are you able and interested to travel to? Please check all that apply:
Only insterested in instructors willing to travel to Brooklyn + Queens.
Which locations do you prefer?  *
What class/classes would you like to teach? check all that you are interested in being considered for/trained in: 

Zumbini certifications current price: $349
Please tell me your experience with kids and with what you teach? be as detailed as possible. *
Do you have any teaching certifications?
Could you teach in an language other than English? *
This job requires some heavy lifting. Carrying props to and from classes can be exhausting. Do you have any conditions or injuries that we should be aware of that may keep you from safely performing these duties? Please indicate yes or no and if answering yes, please give a detailed explanation *
 Do you have a car? and are you willing to use it for driving other instructors and your yourself to Birthday parties and classes.
Please drop links to your social media profiles. Instagram, Tik Tok (I'm a big fan), Facebook, and/or LinkedIn? They don't have to be kid friendly or professional. I just want to get a sense of your personality!
Submission: Resume, Headshot, and self-tape. Your application will not be considered without sumitting a self-tape!
 How to Submit:
The easiest way to email large files is to upload it on Youtube (unlisted), then email me the link to the video. Please send your self-tape submission (or link), resume, and headshot to 
Self-Tape instructions:

  • Say your Name
  •  the neighborhood you live in
  • Explain your experience working with young kids under 7.
  • Why do you like to teach young kids?
Teaching Sample
1.)  : In 45 secs or less.  We ultilize the 11 dance concepts in our classes. (photo is shown below) Pick 1 of these dance concepts. Introduce the concept to the camera as if a 3 year old is watching it. I usually like to start with, "Our BIG word of the day is______" Below are examples you can use or you can make your own. I'm looking for personality! Are you funny, energetic, extra, silly? You will have to grab their attention. Learning disguised as play! Do not use any specialized dance skills such as ballet, jazz, etc. But, Please use your body and physical energy and movement! Remember you as an instructor must be extremely engaging to keep a 3 year olds attention. (use imagery, silly fun, songs, etc.)

Applying for MUSIC: Teach and sing an early childhood music song as if a caregiver and their 2 year old are watching in in your class. 

2.) *BONUS* Pick a game that students may play in a Birthday, dance, acro, or music class. Explain the rules as if you are explaining to a 4 year old. 

Email: with any questions! 
Dance concepts for self-tape! Choose one. 
Why are you a great fit for Pixie Pods? Anything else you would like us to know about you?

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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