Team Cure Prayer Requests
Welcome to Team Cure’s prayer form!

You can share prayers of joy, worry, sorrow and any other emotion you or others are feeling during your child’s battle with cancer. Burden shared is burden decreased and joy shared is joy increased. We do like to pray for others by name but if you don’t want to disclose your name that’s absolutely OK. Prayers that are public will be included in a Instagram/Facebook post for our whole team to pray with you. Only parents or the child you are praying for can submit a public request. Private prayers will be prayed for by myself. You can share as much or as little as you want. Thank you for your request!


Lindsey Pacios (she/her)
Founder and President of Team Cure
Your name
Is this prayer confidential? *
Your joy, worry, or concern you would like us to pray about *
If you are praying for others please make sure you have their permission for us to publicly pray for them, thank you :)
Dear God, We lift this prayer up in your name and in all the names you are called. Amen.
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