Wild Maine Witchcamp 2019 Story Collection
This form is to collect stories from Wild Maine Witchcamp 2019 in order to unpack the events (of camp, the ritual, and the aftermath) that caused great harm to many individuals in the camp community.

We understand that some of these harms are a result of white supremacy, leadership communication failures, working without informed consent, and personal responsibility choices.

We know that many people experienced harm and significant breach of trust at Wild Maine Witchcamp in 2019.  We know that talking about or writing about harm experienced can bring all kinds of emotions and sensations in relation to this experience and others.

We know your participation here is a form of emotional labor and service to Jude Elford, to Wild Maine Witchcamp, and to ending white supremacy in Reclaiming spaces and the broader world.

The soft deadline is March 30, 2020.

Thank you so much for considering to complete this questionnaire.  

You can also reach out through email to CampStory2019@gmail.com.  
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Any demographic or identifying information that we didn't ask that you want us to know and understand?
Were you in a leadership role (organizing, facilitating path or ritual, other) at Wild Maine Witchcamp 2019?
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If you were in a leadership role, please explain that role.
What specifically happened at Wild Maine Witchcamp -- in the ritual or after -- that was harmful or problematic?
How did these events, words, or actions harm you?
In the aftermath of the ritual, did you get the support you wanted or needed?
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What kind of support, acknowledgment, or tending did you want or need that you did NOT receive?
What specific actions (words or behaviors) did Jude Elf do that harmed you?
After the ritual, either in debriefing or discussing, did Jude take adequate responsibility for her actions?  If not, what would be adequate responsibility for the harm you experienced?
Do you have any specific repair requests?  In other words, do you want or need something specific from Jude Elf to help repair or mend the damage caused by the ritual she facilitated or any of her actions taken after the ritual?  If so, what are those requests?
Is there anything else you'd like to share about your experience of the ritual that caused harm, the debriefing afterward, the healing ritual, or any other part of the Wild Maine Witchcamp 2019?
If you have any questions for Jude's Accountability Pod, please leave them here and we will respond as soon as we are able.  
Thank you so much for your participation.  
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