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Thank you for your interest in joining our Basecamp* to co-create a compassionate vegan world!
(*Basecamp is the online project management application that VW2026! uses for its open-source process to help us determine how to transition from a predator species to a caretaker species.)

The following survey has 3 parts and is intended to help connect everyone with their interests, and to help illuminate and inventory our collective skills & resources.

Part 1: Every Study Group, Task Force, and Project currently in the VW2026! Basecamp.
Please let us know which Study Group(s), Task Force(s), or Project(s) you would like to join. We are also hoping to identify "Team Organizers / Facilitators" who would help the group connect with a VW2026! Collective Intelligence liaison to discuss updates / progress / issues on an agreed-upon schedule.

Part 2: Skills Inventory

Part 3: Infrastructure Inventory

Please email Ray Kowalchuk (ray@climatehealers.org) with any questions. Thank you!
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Descriptions of the current Basecamp Groups:
White Paper Study Group: Science needs context to generate a response, but politics tends to suppress any interpretation with deep economic consequence. Defenders of the whitepaper must have a working understanding of the science within it and the politics on the outside. Proliferators of the whitepaper seek to press it into influential hands, provoke debate (scientific, social, economic or political), and reinterpret the whitepaper’s message using the strengths of various social media outlets to various diverse groups. Developing a study guide can facilitate defenders and a slideshow may open opportunities for live presentations.

Aquarius Study Group: not just a new system of money -- a new understanding of global wealth. Cryptocurrency fused with a deeper social understanding to foster a new service-based economy.

Holding The Media to Account Task Force: from “Fake News” to “Alternative Facts,” what was once identified as the fourth estate has been compromised by corporate politics and a culture that, rather than seeking truth, takes sides. On the path to a Vegan World we must call out the distraction tactics of broadcast and print media, praise the truthsayers, and bolster the platform of the alternative journalism that seeks systemic change.

Interfaith Vegan Coalition: The Interfaith Vegan Coalition (IVC) helps activists and spiritual leaders bring vegan values to spiritual, ethical, and religious communities. The guiding ideals of most traditions are nonviolence, loving-kindness, and harmlessness. We work with all faith and secular wisdom traditions to help them practice these ideals toward all animals. Our religion-specific Advocacy Kits can help you veganize your place of worship!

Religious Traditions Study Group seeks to influence the influencers among the World Religions, building harmonies of love, compassion and justice while reconciling our scriptural differences.

Medical Education Task Force: what does healthcare look like in a Vegan World? How do we get from here to there? Much of that depends on dismantling the nutritional myths that have saturated our cultures and continue to bombard our senses with marketing designed to maximize profits in medicine, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries.

Parenting & Education Study Group: what do children really need to learn? They need a healthy mind in a healthy body in a healthy environment. They need the tools to seek from within, the opportunity to communicate their interests and express their resolve externally and without violence. Ensuing generations must learn from example how to take care of the Earth and all beings on it, and improve on that vision as they grow.

Vegan Collective Intelligence Group: Engage Radical Collective Intelligence (radish.org) to achieve Vegan World 2026! Along with Basecamp, Zoom, and the other tools we're using, this group hopes to be a "hub" for all VW2026!-related groups to come for support/updates/group discussions/etc, and a "hub" for veganism with the greater environmental activism world.

Compassionate Commerce Study Group: in today’s model, a CEO who makes a decision that prioritizes compassion or environmental sustainability over the profitability of the shareholders is in breach of their corporate interests. Where customers have demanded that corporations make ethical or ecological concessions, competitive greenwashing creates a hall of mirrors for truly virtuous commerce. To belong in a Vegan World, corporations must be built with compassion into their foundation.

Animal Industry Hospice Study Group: with the understanding that even industries are living systems that experience growth, peak serviceability, obsolescence, and decline before being replaced with a new system, this study group examines the symptoms of historic collapses and projects the demise of animal and fossil fuel enterprises that have no role in a sustainable Vegan World.

Land Rehabilitation Study Group: animal husbandry’s final forum to claim future-proofed sustainability hinges on the role of animals in regenerative agriculture. While we disassemble the myth of the carbon-negative cow, we must envision a truly scalable plant-based agriculture that restores and maintains soil nutrients, optimizes global food security while freeing up land for carbon-sequestering reforestation.

Vegans Dismantling Systemic Oppression Study Group: Despite the parallels of Speciesism with other -isms, the quest to liberate animals has not achieved status among human-centric social justice movements. Though we will always have our “favorite cause,” anti-oppression activists (which include those seeking environmental or class justice) must amplify the voices that have been suppressed and dismantle the rules set by colonial patriarchies.

Veganic Permaculture Study Group: while organic farming has clear merits in avoiding pesticides, a dependency on industrial animal feces and slaughterhouse remnants compromises food safety and inhibits replenishment of soil nutrients. The benefits of animal-free permaculture continue into green manures and a fertilizing system that can be scaled to the nation (and much of the world is already doing it).

Changing Jobs Study Group: once the obsolescence of global meat consumption becomes evident, savvy agricultural entrepreneurs will transition their animal operations into plant-based production or use their land and resources for non-food enterprises. This process is already in progress, though in relative obscurity -- the animal agriculture armada suppresses the news that its various ships are sinking. Smallholder farmers have been abused by industrial growers for a long time, but they are certainly the most likely to overcome tradition and ego and become partners in shaping the food system of the future.

Unifying Vegans Study Group: the many facets of veganism have certainly launched it to the top of search analytics and normalized what recently had a forced association with ecoterrorism. Lest this powerful word and its original meaning be lost, it is important to take inventory of “angry vegans,” “health vegans,” and “climate vegans,” from the raw, to the whole food plant-based marathon runner, to the ethical starchivore and carbon footprint stomper. The good news is that there may be a little bit of each in all of us.

Thriving System Study Group: How do we create a system where everyone is thriving? Our system of mass consumption is eroding both the planet and the middle class it helped create, because it requires creating “others” to feed to the machine. Structures that keep people in poverty and animals in confined servitude are faulty systems that can’t be tweaked towards functional harmony. In designing the system to replace it, we must harness abundance, not scarcity; love, not violence.

Speciesism Education Study Group: The modern animal rights movement recognizes an expansion of “consideration” to animals that parallels the reach of marginalized people groups, where everyone can live according to their nature, rather than the rules set in conquest and colonialism. Yet ending the millennia-long servitude of animals is fundamentally unique, and requires a rapid cultural shift from human exceptionalism that the vast majority have only begun to “consider.”

Vegan Synergy Meditation Group: Out of the desire that all sentient beings be liberated from suffering as the true essence of being a Vegan, we enter the space of inner silence together, allowing our shared consciousness to spontaneously create a multidimensional field of intelligence that guides us into the lessons and learnings we most need to evolve, and as a result the answers we seek to solve the problems we face arises naturally as the actions we take.

Normalizing Vegan Food Task Force: A vegan commitment can strike fear in to the heart...a fear of the unknown, of cultural compromise. Often, these fears can simply be dissipated with an exposure to an abundance of satisfying vegan comfort food, an introduction to plant-based staples and hearty recipes, and by correcting misunderstandings -- nobody is doomed to salads for breakfast. Activists, too, may win the future from the comfort of their own kitchen, or their community market.

New Economy Study Group: environmental organizations emphasize a threshold wherein more green jobs are available in renewable solutions than in the fossil fuel industry that they are replacing, and seek to shift governments supports for oil towards retraining for the future. While parallel methods in phasing out animal enterprises are evident, the externalities ignored in agriculture prevent reaching any such threshold -- growing too many plants to feed too many animals employs a lot of people that cannot simply be switched into new production methods, which will require fewer hands, less land, and less stress on the environment and atmosphere. It is our understanding of employment that must change; a vegan economy operates not on scarcity but abundance, not on competition but love.

Nature Stewardship Study Group: The Thermostat Species philosophy recognizes the hard won sciences of biology, zoology, botany and the disciplines that let us measure the variables of life gave us the tools to become the true keepers of creation, maybe for the first time. What would an execution of E. O. Wilson’s Half Earth Solution look like, managed with a vegan ethic? How can a restored biodiversity be managed by humanity working with nature without becoming the violent predators of our past and present?

Kimaya's Million Dollar Vegan Video Production: Climate Healers’ youngest spokeswoman is featured in a series of popular internet videos. This group will expand on further scientific concepts that Kimaya can share with the public, developing ideas, scripts, and bringing the productions to life.

Climate Healers Groups: In addition to our online think tank in Basecamp, please consider whether you would like to organize a Climate Healers Group in your local community and help make a difference on the ground, in your city. Engage your public with screenings of our documentaries, and share our publications and ideas at events. We live amidst normalized violence and an economy based on scarcity and suffering, but compassion for all creation is infinitely sustainable. For the Thermostat Species, another world is possible!

Revolution by Art and Culture: Trends may be achieved with a pure inuitive reaction to logic...but revolutions require a visceral reaction to injustice and an imagination for something better. Stand down, scientists and politicians, the artists will move us in ways that facts and polls never could. "They should have sent a poet." - Ellie Arroway, Contact

Vegan Reflection Task Force: For those who have removed "the meat goggles," reflection takes many meanings -- veganism collects human intelligence and reflects upon what was, and seeks to become agents of reflection -- say, in a radical mirroring of solar energy out of our atmosphere!

Pinky Promise Tour Taskforce: Climate Healers' North American tour needs volunteers to coordinate stops in their cities and sign up local members into the Vegan World 2026 Basecamp. If you don't have a Climate Healers group already, Sailesh will help build the inertia and support to continue to engage your community with documentary screenings. If you do have a chapter, plan a special "Pinky Promise Road Tour" event with special guests Sailesh, Jaine and Kimaya! Starts April 19 in Los Angeles and finishes in Phoenix, AZ by the end of June.
Which group(s) would you like to be a part of on Basecamp? Please also indicate whether you are interested in being the team organizer / facilitator. **see group descriptions above**
Team member
Team organizer / facilitator
White Paper Study Group
Aquarius Study Group
Holding The Media to Account Task Force
Interfaith Vegan Coalition
Religious Traditions Study Group
Medical Education Task Force
Parenting & Education Study Group
Vegan Collective Intelligence Group
Compassionate Commerce Study Group
Animal Industry Hospice Study Group
Land Rehabilitation Study Group
Vegans Dismantling Systemic Oppression Study Group
Veganic Permaculture Study Group
Changing Jobs Study Group
Unifying Vegans Study Group
Thriving System Study Group
Speciesism Education Study Group
Vegan Synergy Meditation Group
Normalizing Vegan Food Task Force
New Economy Study Group
Nature Stewardship Study Group
Kimaya's Million Dollar Vegan Video Production
Climate Healers Groups
Revolution by Art and Culture
Vegan Reflection Task Force
Pinky Promise Tour Taskforce
If you'd like to start a new group that's not listed above, please describe it below:
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