HRCE Art Education Survey
The Nova Scotia Art Educators Society is seeking information about school based visual arts programming for grades 7-8 in the Halifax Regional Centre for Education. We are collecting information to build an accurate picture of the current state of arts education in the area. We will use the information you provide to advocate for students, teachers, and communities. The Nova Scotia Art Educators Society is an independent organization of educators, we are not associated with the NSTU. All questions are optional. Please contact Robin Jensen if you have questions or concerns about this survey. We will not use identifying information in our advocacy and aim only to protect and enhance art education programs in Nova Scotia.
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Where do you teach?
Approximately how long have you been teaching art?
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Do you have any formal art training at the university level? This question is not aimed at identifying "unqualified" teachers but rather those who may need more teaching resources.
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List ALL the subjects and grades you think you will be teaching in fall of 2021. Include all not-arts subject areas also. Example: grade 7-8 art, gr 8 social studies, gr 7 family studies etc
Describe any changes to art program time offered to students at your school(s) recently.
Have you been informed about the new Integrated Learning Block coming to grades 7-8 this fall?
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Has the PD offered about the new curriculum you will be implementing in Sept 2021 been helpful in regards to teaching visual arts?
Do you feel reduced art education time impacts student learning and well being? Please explain!
Do you currently use your unassigned instructional time to offer opportunities for students like art clubs or other creative options?
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Will you continue to offer the "extras" you offer students during your unassigned instructional time in Fall 2021?
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Please describe any concerns you may have about your role as the Art Educator at your school in regards to supporting students and teachers in the new Integrated Learning Block?
Are you concerned about the perceived VALUE of art education for families and communities in the HRCE?
Funding? Does your art program have a stable yearly budget that would amount to about $5.00 per student per year? For example- 200 students at $5 each would be $1000 from your administration to spend on art supplies per year?
No funding
Lots of funding, stable every year
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Do you think your students/school would benefit from more scheduled arts education time? Explain?
Do you feel that arts education will be at the "service" of subjects in this new Integrated learning block? Are you concerned about the loss of ART SPECIFIC learning opportunities in this new environment?
Have you been offered professional development by the HRCE or EECD for VISUAL ARTS in the last five years? Do not include October conference in this answer.
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What changes would you like to see in art education in HRCE?
Any other information you feel would be helpful in creating accurate representation of your experience as an art educator in HRCE at this time?
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