Spirit of Zelda Award Submission Form
Friday, March 10, 2020 will mark Asheville’s Fifth Annual Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald Day. For the last four years, the City of Asheville has read a proclamation declaring March 10th a day of remembrance to an artist who spent much of her life in Asheville, and we are planning several events that will be part of this week of celebration that takes place from March 8–14, 2020.

New this year is the Spirit of Zelda Award, which has been established to honor the free and creative vitality of Zelda Fitzgerald, who left a lasting mark on the city of Asheville and the world. Zelda’s dedication to the arts were witnessed through her painting, literature, and dance.

This *$100 Award* provided by The Zelda Fitzgerald Day Committee is presented to a woman residing in Western North Carolina who embodies artistic passion while building and strengthening community.

Candidates for this award demonstrate a steadfast determination, utilizing creativity to achieve desired goals. Overcoming barriers i.e.: sexism, racism, financial setbacks, recovery from health issues or addiction, etc. will be given priority. Creative gifts could include: writing poetry or prose; performance art; the visual arts; dance; music; nonprofit work; community organizing; gardening; or other. A strong candidate is someone who serves her community to help make the world a more compassionate and connected place.

The award is intended to aid in the completion of a current or future project.

To apply, fill out the following questionnaire by *January 15th, 2020.*
Email *
Your Name *
Please share a little biographical information about yourself: Background, education, interests, hobbies, etc.
Tell us about your passion for the arts; please include info regarding type of art (writing, visual, dance, music, performance) and special current projects with which you are working.
What obstacles have stood in the way of your vision and how were you able to overcome them?
How does your art help promote community? Or, how have you incorporated building community in your life and what is the link to the arts?
What are your artistic plans for the future and how are you planning on achieving them?
How will this award money help you finish your current creative endeavor?
Thank you.
If you are chosen as the winner of the 2020 Zelda Award, you must be willing to publicly accept the award in March. Zelda Day in Asheville retains the right to use your likeness to promote future Zelda awards.
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