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This form will help us a lot in our future development of the mod. If the description is seriously lacking, for example "It won't start!!", your feedback report WILL be disregarded.

Thank you for taking the time to fill this out, we are very grateful.

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Priority is set from P1 to P5. P1 as “fix the issue with highest priority” and P5 as ” Fix when time permits”.
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If it's a bug, write detailed description of bug here. Use following fields for description field: Reproduce steps: Clearly mention the steps to reproduce the bug. | Expected result: How the mod should behave on above mentioned steps. | Actual result: What is the actual result on running above steps i.e. the bug behavior.
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If you have some other thoughts about how to improve the mod, share them here.
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Here you can post the contents of your log.txt-file
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