Changemaker 2019 Project Submission
Welcome to The Changemaker Project 2019 submission page! Here you will be asked to give us the final details of your team and project description that can both be used in our pitch program at the event if you are selected as a finalist. You will also be asked to upload a 3-min video as well as your GoFundMe page which we will showcase on our website to help you obtain donations even if you don't qualify for the final pitch event.


If your team is chosen as a finalist, you'll be invited to pitch at Global Pitch 2019 where you'll have a chance to pitch to philanthropists and investors for a chance to get your project funded! The pitch event will take place on Sunday, June 9th from 6-9:30pm at the David Brower Center in Berkeley, California (USA). Local teams will pitch in person, non-local teams can participate through video conferencing.


- Showcase your team (with team name) and your story
- Clearly define the problem you're solving and why it's important
- Showcase your project, its evolution, and why it's an awesome solution to the problem you're solving
- Outline your funding request with detailed budget-- create a screenshot with actual numbers listed next to each item you plan to purchase (see below for guidelines on what money can and cannot be spent on)
- Be no longer than 3 min (the shorter and more concise the better!)
- Be shot horizontally and in high resolution (borrow a video camera, or use the best phone camera you can)
- Be a video that can be used on your GoFundMe page


To be eligible for the 2019 challenge, all submissions are due at 11:59pm PST (San Francisco time) on Friday, May 24th, 2019.
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Project description: please create a compelling description of your project (100 word limit) that we can use in our pitch program. PLEASE HAVE A TEACHER HELP YOU WITH THIS-- it should be well-written and free of grammatical/spelling errors. Thank you! *
How much money are you asking for (in US Dollars)? (Note that the more money you ask for, the more you need to justify your need. Last year, the largest grant awarded was $1200, most were a couple hundred dollars.) *
Will any of the money you spend go towards the purchase of animal products (meat/dairy/eggs/leather/etc) or disposable plastics (cutlery, plates, cups, etc)? Please note that in order to qualify for funding from TCP you must ensure that your project funds are used in a way that does not harm people, animals, or the environment. All food must be vegan, all fliers printed on recycled paper, and all food served with compostable plates/cups/cutlery/etc. *
GoFundMe page URL. (Not everyone will receive funding from the Global Pitch, so we encourage all teams to create a GoFundMe page at and begin fundraising with your network. We will feature your GoFundMe page on our website to help you obtain donations!) *
Video link: upload your 3-min pitch video to YouTube/Vimeo (can be unlisted) or directly to your GoFundMe page *
If your team is selected as a finalist for Global Pitch 2019 (happening in Berkeley on June 9th from 6-9:30pm PST), is your team able to participate in this event, either in person or through a video call? Will any of your team members be unable to participate? *
Any other comments/questions/concerns?
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