Defund The Police
Thank you for coming to our recent event(s). In order to make meaningful budgetary and legislative changes a reality in our community, we need sustained political pressure. It's hard to accomplish that with just a small group. We need your help! Please fill out this form if you'd like to be contacted about future actions by the organizations that came together to put on this event.
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What do you want our community to invest in instead of spending 34 million on police?
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Are there any other local organizations you'd like to see involved in this campaign?
What are some actions you'd like to take part in to put pressure on elected officials to meet community demands?
Do you have any special skills you'd like to donate that could help this campaign? (we're happy if you just show up)
Have you had any personal experiences with the BPD or the sheriff's department that you'd like to share?
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