DigiFest Teacher Survey
The results of this anonymous survey will be presented to local and regional officials and influencers at the Bossier Arts Council's NLA Education Summit on October 17. Please be honest and candid with your responses.
Which grade do you teach? *
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How many years of teaching experience do you have? *
Do you think new technology resources would improve the learning experience in your classroom? (Hardware, Software, Online Programs, Training, etc.) *
Which technology resources would enhance the learning environment and outcomes for your class?
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Do you think local students are being prepared for in-demand careers of the future? *
Would your students benefit from 21st-Century skills training or hands-on work experience? (If so, explain what they would need and how they would benefit.)
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Do you use personal money to purchase supplies and resources for your classroom? *
How can administrators and local officials better prepare you to do your job?
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