Metroplex Tryout Interest Form
Please fill this form out in its entirety.  Once we have a tryout date open we will email you.  Mckinney has a long tryout waitlist.
Please DO NOT fill out multiple forms for the same child.  The system will automatically default to the last form filled out and you will lose your place in line.  
Please read all email correspondence including confirmation email so important information is not missed.
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If you answered yes to the above question, please tell us the team's name and if it was year-round or a summer league.  Please answer n/a if this does not apply. *
Have you been on Metro before? *
If your child has not been on a swim team, have they been taking lessons? *
If yes to the above question, where have they been taking lessons?   If you know their level, please include it in your response. If this does not apply please answer N/A *
What strokes can your child perform well (can do a 25-yard lap without stopping) Check all that apply *
What location are you interested in joining? *
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