Abyss Crew Survey
Greetings crewmembers,

We envision to release Abyss Crew in Early Access, knowing that the game requires about 1 additional year of development.
The economical model we foreseen is:
-in local play (LAN) one key is sufficient to play with an unlimited number of players
-on-line, each player must have his/her own key
This poll is very important for the game development.
To thank you, we're organizing a draw to win a key of the game!

Captain Pol
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Official Abyss Crew Trailer
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Thank you for your participation!
Your answer will be anonymized.
However you can let us your coordinates to have some news about the game (about 1 message per month), and to participate to a draw to win a key of the game!
The draw will be held on the 15th June 2019 11:59pm (CET), and will pick randomly a participant among those who have answered before this time.
Note that we will not use your address for any other use, and your data will never be sold or transmitted to another entity.
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