Thank you for your interest in applying to volunteering at Escape Velocity 2019, we're looking forward to meeting you! Please fill out the application form below and a volunteer coordinator will contact you soon.
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No specific skills are required to join the Escape Velocity team, just the willingness to help. However, if you have special skills that you would like to share with us, please let us know so that we can place you on the right team!
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Working at an event can be physically demanding. Please let us know if you have any physical or medical restrictions that need to be considered. We will make every effort to put you in an area that will be compatible with your needs.
If you are selected to volunteer with Escape Velocity, how many shifts would you like to work? Once our volunteers have been selected, a shift request schedule will be sent out.
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I understand and agree that I am responsible for providing my own food, transportation and lodging. In the event of an accident or injury while performing my duties at Escape Velocity, I authorize the Museum of Science Fiction to seek and obtain medical treatment. Furthermore, I agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Museum of Science Fiction from any and all damages, losses, claims, liabilities, charges, suits, penalties, costs and/or expenses, including but not limited to court costs, attorney fees and expenses, resulting from any act (whether intentional or not), omission or negligence of any injury to myself.
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