Which among these is a key sector to deploy to address the issue of unemployment in Nigeria
One of the following is a major challenge for agriculture here in Nigeria
One of these is what a lawyer can do to help solve agricultural challenges
Which branch of law deals with securing and enforcing legal rights to inventions, designs and artistic works.
The word capital in commercial law means
Who is the current Central Bank Governor of Nigeria
Which of these is not a type of legal practitioner
Which financial information hub was recently awarded the winner of Fintech awards in 2018?
Who is the current executive officer/founder of the hub from the question above?
Decisions reached Per Incuriam means?
A civil action can be commenced in the high court through any of these processes
A document made by a party to an action in any suit outlining the material facts he wishes to rely on is known as
The highest court of the land is
Which is this is not a particular maxim of equity
Which of the following best describes the term subrogation?
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