Author Direction
This is your chance as fans to add your impute as I look at what book to write next and where to take my author brand in the future.
What is your favorite genre to read?
What is your age? (this helps me see where my audience is)
Are you ready for The Blades of Acktar to end here, or would you like to see more stories (probably short stories/ novellas, but possibly a novel) someday in the future?
Would you like to see a Blades of Acktar short story collection?
If I were to create a pen name to write secular, magical type fantasy, would you want to know about it? (would still be clean, but probably have magic and wouldn't have explicit Christianity or even allegory).
If I was to have a pen name, what do you think it should be? (need ideas!)
How do you feel about Christian allegories?
Your answer
Any other comments?
Your answer
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