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I love seeing all you wonderful recolor artists working magic on my sets! I get a lot of asks from simmies wondering if I know of a recolor of one of my sets. I would love to showcase the recolors of my sets on my website so downloaders have access to all of the options available! Each recolor will get its own page that will link to your blog post (or whatever link you submit) so the website traffic and downloads for your files go to you.
Example Recolor Feature
Below is an example of what your recolor feature page will look like. All of the details and photo on the page will be taken from your submissions here. For continuity between pages, I would love if you bulleted your descriptions, but I will post it in whatever format you submit it as. The recolor link goes to the link you provide while the mesh link goes to my set based on which one you recolored. Although I am limited as to what I can add on the pages, please let me know if you have suggestions to improve your feature page!

P.S. Thank you to simminginchi for letting me use her recolors as a guinea pig for this new feature :)
Recolor Artist Name *
Your name you post recolor files under. No need for the @ symbol.
Set Recolored *
If I haven't added the set in this list just choose 'Other' and I will figure it out :)
Recolor Description *
This description will be used on the page! For similarity purposed, I would love if you bulleted your description (but I will post in whatever format you submit). Copy and paste ⋄ for bulleted points with a simmie vibe.
Link To Recolor
I will use whatever link you provide! I would love to opportunity to increase your reach so I recommend linking to your Tumblr post (or similar) instead of the actual file download link. This way simmies are routed to your social media page and gives them the opportunity to follow and see your other work! Pretty please link to the specific post so they can easily find the recolor download file.
Preview Image Link *
This will be the image displayed for your preview photo. If your post is on Tumblr or similar, you can right click on the photo and select 'Copy Link Address'. You can also upload to Imgur or a similar photo hosting platform and share that link with me! There isn't a required aspect ratio for photos - my site will adapt to your image size.
Contact Information *
I will use your contact information to let you know when your recolor has been posted with a link to your page. Email address preferred, but social media works too. Just let me know what platform it is.
Obligatory Terms: By submitting this recolor you give me permission to share your image on my website. Don’t submit images that you didn’t take yourself or don’t have permission to use. *
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