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Leadership Board
1. Determine desired population results; adopt and promote broad strategies to end homelessness in Alameda County.
2. Adopt population indicators and system performance measures and benchmarks.
3. Adopt standards of care and guiding principles.
4. Adopt an annual work plan informed by a turn the curve analysis of population results and program performance.
5. Collaborate to find resources and expand partnerships to achieve results.
6. Establish guidelines and resource recommendations for a coordinated housing crisis resolution system that meets HUD CES expectations and ensure it is contributing to desired results.
7. Seek strategic input and ongoing involvement from the EveryOne Home membership.
8. Adopt communications strategies to inform and engage stakeholders on collective impact efforts.
9. Adopt Governance Charter changes for ratification by EveryOne Home membership.
10. Recruit and approve committee members with set membership; members proposed by ad-hoc nominating committee.
HUD CoC Committee
1. Acts on behalf of the membership to ensure compliance with HUD CoC regulations.
2. Appoint committee / sub-committees or working groups under its purview.
3. Determine costs of complying with HUD mandates.
4. Designate and operate an HMIS system; ensures it meets system performance needs. (See HMIS Oversight Committee)
5. Facilitates CoC planning to meet regulatory obligations.
6. Recommend annual updates to the Governance Charter.
7. Recommend guiding principles and strategic direction to CoC NOFA Committee based on HUD NOFA guidelines.
8. Design, operate and follow a collaborative process for submitting the CoC application to HUD.
9. Monitor, evaluate, and take action to improve poor performance of CoC funded projects.
10. Evaluate outcomes of ESG and CoC projects and report to HUD.
11. Consult with local government recipients on allocations of ESG funds.
12. Adopt written standards for CoC assistance and ensure compliance.
13. Direct Homeless Count; approve methodology; submit results.
14. Direct an annual gaps analysis.
15. Ensure CoC lead provides information to jurisdictions that submit Con Plans.
Organizational Health Committee
1. Approve the EveryOne Home staff activities that support the collective impact work plan including ensuring adequate funding and staffing to implement annual work plan established by the Leadership Board.
2. Ensure EveryOne Home the organization meets its contractual and financial obligations.
3. Monitor the fiscal health and operations of EveryOne Home the organization.
4. Serve as Advisory Board for Tides Center.
5. Determine resource development strategies for EveryOne Home the organization.
6. Conduct performance reviews of the Executive Director and succession planning
HUD NOFA Committee
1. Conducts the local rating and ranking process for federal Continuum of Care funds.
2. Integrates funding priorities and strategic direction from HUD CoC Committee..
3. Approves projects for submission to HUD.
Members cannot be employed by or related to someone who is employed by a non-profit or government department who is a recipient of CoC or Emergency Solutions Grants (ESG) funds.
System Coordination Committee
Reviews the performance and operations of the Alameda County Housing Crisis Response System and adopts and recommends improvements. System Coordination Committee is delegated certain responsibilities of the HUD COC Committee that require the coordination and implementation of a housing and service system within its geographic area, including the responsibility to:
1. Convene system-wide stakeholders for coordinated planning and improvement of the Housing Crisis Response System
2. Review the performance and operations of the Housing Crisis Response System to determine if they are:
o Consistent with approved principles, policies, and standards
o Fair and transparent
o Compliant with funding regulations
o Working well and meeting performance benchmarks
3. Adopt and recommend changes to policies, standards, procedures, resources, and tools in order to improve the Housing Crisis Response System
4. Fulfill designated responsibilities of the HUD CoC Committee, including the annual submission of the Housing Crisis Response System Manual and the HUD CE Compliance Review to the HUD CoC Committee for approval
5. Establish and convene subcommittees and working groups to facilitate coordination, effective operations, and on-going improvement
HMIS Oversight Committee
1. Supporting and protecting the rights and privacy of service users.
2. Ensuring compliance with federal requirements.
3. Reviewing data quality, recommending a quality improvement program to the HUD COC Committee, and taking appropriate action to ensure accountability and improved performance per approved program.
4. Collaborate with the HMIS Lead on all policies the HMIS Lead is required to develop including, but not limited to, Privacy and Security, Data Quality, user policies.
5. Conduct an annual review of HMIS performance and functionality, using the HMIS work plan to measure progress.
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