Colorado Virtual Career Fair YOUTH REGISTRATION
The purpose of this event is to expose you to a variety of careers, and to hear the stories of how professionals journeyed from youth to where they are now. We are SO excited for you to join us during this inaugural event!

APRIL 19-22 MON-THU. Panel sessions are one hour long from 4:00PM-5:00PM and 5:00PM-6:00PM with 2 sessions per hour. Specific session schedule will be available several weeks prior to the career fair @

PLEASE NOTE. Panel sessions will be recorded for future Meaningful Career Conversations and events.
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The following 5 questions are completely optional. The Virtual Career Fair organizers understand that these are difficult times, and even though we don't have the ability to meet all of your needs like we wish we could, we hope that these questions will provide us with more clarity on what youth face today and how we can do better to support your well-being. All responses are confidential.
1. How do you define equity?
2. Do you feel your identity is well represented in your school experience, and how does that impact you?
3. Do you feel that "It's okay to not be okay?" Why or why not?
4. Do you think that society, your community, and your family and friends, feel that "It's okay to not be okay?" Why or why not?
5. What and/or who can you seek out when not feeling okay? (Optional. Please do not write actual names of individuals.)
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