Machsom Lefi    (new website coming soon!)
Machsom Lefi is a mishmeres program designed to improve shmiras haloshon, inspired by the Manchester Rosh Yeshiva, Ha’Rav Yehuda Zev Segal זצ'‘ל.   Machsom Lefi means guard your mouth, referring to a verse in Chapter 39 of Tehillim (Psalms).

 The way the Machsom Lefi works is as follows: The hours you choose will be hours in which you are extra careful with Shmiras Haloshon; the commitment is for 18 weeks and each Machsom is made up of 18 members. Before the rota starts, you will receive a full explanatory letter, with a list of 18 names. Every week we will focus the zchus,  the merit, for someone else, order chosen at random.   The intention is a strong step in modifying our speech patterns so we abide by the halochos of Shmiras Haloshon.  While it is obviously a requirement for all of us all day and every day, focusing specifically for a set period is a successfully proven way to sharpen awareness and bolster further observance. The Vilna Gaon זצ''ל quotes the Medrash, “restraining one's mouth”’ for even a short time one merits the ‘hidden light’ beyond  the comprehension of angels or any creature!  You will be part of a group of 18, davening for each other, for a zivug hagun.  We will daven in particular for a different name each week; the order chosen at random.  Prayers will be said at holy sites and graves on behalf of the person whose name you give me. You will also receive weekly reminders, and updates when there is a simcha!

Thank you for joining; please click on the link below to  fill in the form below with the details I need from  you to join the mishmeres Machsom Lefi.  
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