Introductory workshop for Drama Therapy approach
Part I: The Integrative Five Phase Model; Part II: The Self-Revelatory Performance
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Part I: The Integrative Five Phase Model (戲劇治療五階段模式)

Date: 1/4/2023 (Sat)

Time: 10:00 - 17:30 (13:00 - 14:30 Lunch)

Location: San Po Kong (新蒲崗)

Language: English (輔以廣東話翻譯)

Workshop content 工作坊內容:

The Integrative Five Phase model of drama therapy is a primary model of practice within the field of drama therapy, founded by Renee Emunah, PhD, RDT/BCT (a pioneer in the field and the director of the Drama Therapy program of the CIIS). The workshop will focus on learning the basic fundamental concepts, processes, and techniques of the approach. The agenda will consist of a didactic seminar, facilitation of experiential exercises for demonstration purposes and for participants to experience parts of the model. The facilitator will provide clinical examples and explore the use and impact of the model in various treatment settings brought up by the participants. An educational and/or professional knowledge/background in psychotherapy, social work, drama therapy and/or creative/expressive arts therapy is strongly encouraged. Attending this workshop will provide a useful foundation to further explore the performance phase of the model which will be dedicated in the Introductory Workshop Part 2: The Self-Revelatory Performance.

Part II: The Self-Revelatory Performance (自我呈現演出)

Date: 2/4/2023 (Sun) 

Time: 10:00 - 17:30 (13:00 - 14:30 Lunch)

Location: San Po Kong (新蒲崗)

Language: English (輔以廣東話翻譯)

Workshop content 工作坊內容:

Self-Revelatory Performance (Self-Revs for short) is a powerful process and form of drama therapy and theatre also developed by Renee Emunah, PhD, RDT/BCT (a pioneer in the field and the director of the Drama Therapy program of the CIIS). This workshop will provide a basic understanding of Self-Revs and explore the similarities/differences compared to other forms of therapeutic theater. Filmed examples of Self-Revs will be viewed. The facilitator will share what she has learned from over a decade of performing, directing, consulting on Self-Revs and recently founding the newest form: Co-Revelatory Performance. Participants will be provided a general map of the Self-Rev process from the initial meeting with the performer, to each phase of the process, to performance and reflections following the performance. The workshop will focus on tools and techniques for developing a dramatized arc by supporting performers to identify the presenting issue to be worked on, the story to be told and the healing moment to be achieved live on stage. Participants will also explore the intricate balance between the artistic versus therapeutic process. A basic educational and/or professional knowledge/background in drama/theatre, psychotherapy, social work, drama therapy, creative/expressive arts therapy is encouraged. 

*Participation in the Introductory Workshop Part 1: The Integrative Five Phase Model is related and highly encouraged to attend, but not required.

Fee 費用: 

-      Regular 原價: HKD$1,800 (1 workshop; 一個工作坊)

-      Regular 原價: HKD$3,200 (2 workshops; 兩個工作坊)

-      Early Bird 早鳥: HKD$1,400 (1 workshop; 一個工作坊; paid on or before 28/2 或之前付款確認)

-      Early Bird 早鳥: HKD$2,200 (2 workshops; 兩個工作坊; paid on or before 28/2 或之前付款確認)

-      Student 學生: HKD$900 (1 workshop; 一個工作坊)

-      Student 學生: HKD$1,600 (2 workshop; 兩個工作坊)

-      Student Early Bird 學生早鳥: HKD$700 (1 workshop; 一個工作坊; paid on or before 28/2 或之前付款確認)

-      Student Early Bird 學生早鳥: HKD$1,100 (2 workshop; 兩個工作坊; paid on or before 28/2 或之前付款確認)

Aileen B. Cho, MA, RDT/BCT, CEDS, LMFT
Aileen is a practitioner and faculty/trainer in Developmental Transformations (DvT), a past director of the iWest institute in San Francisco and a current co-faculty member of the Hot Pot Institute in Hong Kong. She has served as an advisor and adjunct faculty in the CIIS Drama Therapy program and has taught courses, such as: Case Seminar, DvT I & II and Trauma & Resilience: Embodied Approaches to Treatment, as well as providing both in-service trainings and consultation for various programs and organizations. More recently, Aileen has been working in conjunction with legal attorneys in Los Angeles as a licensed mental health practitioner to help advocate for adult/senior survivors of childhood sexual abuse from the Catholic clergy who are pursuing legal action. Aileen has been a troupe member of the Living Arts Playback Ensemble in the Bay Area, a performer and past director of Theatre for Change at CIIS and has created, directed and consulted for countless Self-Revelatory Performances in the past decade.
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