2017 Sustainability Yard Tour Tickets
Ready to be inspired?

Do you have an interest in growing native plants and trees, wildlife gardening, edible landscaping, reducing the amount of grass you have to mow, reducing your use of pecticides and herbicides, managing rainwater? Do you have an interest in homesteading, permaculture, hydroponic gardening, hay bale gardening? Have you thought about putting in a pond, keeping bees or backyard chickens?

Please join us on the 2017 Sustainability Yard Tour and see how your neighbors are changing how they garden and manage their property. This is not your typical garden tour, you will see yards in transition, yards that work and welcome Biodiversity.

The 2017 Sustainability Yard Tour is a self guided tour and will feature yards in the Morrisville and surrounding area.

This year's tour is Saturday, July 15, 2017 from 11a-2p. This is a free family friendly event!

Please let us know below if you will be touring with Girl Scouts or Cub Scouts, we will be providing the opportunity for Scouts to work on badges!

Use the form below to send us your name and email address, we will send you your printable program, which is your ticket. Information about the opportunities for Scouts to earn badges will be included!

The 2017 Sustainability Yard Tour Program is your ticket and will be sent as soon as they are available,

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Will you be touring with Scouts who will be working on badges, if yes, please indicate how many Scouts you will be touring with.
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