What is the name of your team's primary contact? *
First and last name.
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What is the name of your team? *
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What are the names (first and last) of the team members? *
The ideal team is between 2 and 7 people, although you are welcome to propose having fewer or more members.
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Who is your coach?
Coaches must be Grounlings teachers or Main Company members. Please make contact with your coach BEFORE listing them here. We will reach out to your coach when you are scheduled to perform.
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My team will meet with our coach prior to any assigned performance date, and encourage them to attend the performance to give notes (if available). *
Student teams should limit themselves to short-form improv (like the Cooking with Gas shows), or clap-in long form improv (like the Crazy Uncle Joe Show), as these are the styles we focus on here at The Groundlings. *
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