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ENO invites students and teachers around the world to switch on the Light for the Earth with. Join us on November 29, 2019 at 6:00 PM local time.

1. The Earth is suffering. How does the young generation see this, what do they think? Do they feel her pain or do they think more about climate change and the changes it is going to bring to them? Encourage them to speak up and write their personal feelings in the form of A LETTER TO EARTH. It can be short or long, a poem or a thought, a slogan or graffiti - the form is not important. It can be environmentally orientated or a vision of the Earth they want to live on – it should be their personal choice. We want people to hear the voice of the young and think about their feelings.

2. Choose the best letter(s) / thoughts / verses / poems ...

3. Students write them on a big piece of fabric (2m x 1m) out of which you will later create a lantern. Use permanent markers and fabric that allows light to shine through.

4. MAKE a lantern. Find the instructions on ENO Facebook Event Light for the Earth

5. Hang the lantern in the tree in the schoolyard or in a public park if possible.

6. Prepare a short event and invite parents and local community. Students read their letters to Earth. The event begins at 5.30. You switch on the light at 6 PM local time.

7. Make a photo and send it to together with the best letter translated to English. You can also send the letter and photo to ENO Facebook Event Light for the Earth.

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