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Thanks for referring your patient to us. We need some basic demographic, insurance, and clinical information in order to process the referral. All information submitted here is confidential and HIPAA-compliant.

Hope419 is currently accepting patients age 12 and up for medication management and therapy services. There is no upper limit age restriction on our patient services.
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Current Medications: **Please be advised we do not routinely prescribe benzodiazepines. If your patient is requesting this type of medication, or are currently taking this type of medication our practice may not be an appropriate fit. Please discuss this with the patient in order to prevent frustration and misunderstanding about our services. *
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Thank you for your referral. We appreciate your trust in our services. We try to make contact with a patient within 2-3 business days. We will attempt contact three times before sending a letter and/or email to ask them to reach out to us for further services. If your patient has not received a call in a timely manner, please instruct them to call us at 419-951-2020. Have a great day!
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